Essential Parts for the Best Soles Now

Each year, each of us is faced with the question: “How to choose shoes?”. At the same time, the problem of choosing shoes concerns not only women, but also men, as well as children. Answers to the question of how to choose shoes there are a lot: doctors recommend choosing low-heeled shoes, and famous designers urge to be stylish and choose beautiful, albeit uncomfortable shoes.

To whom to believe, and how to choose the right shoes?

  • Let’s look at it together. How to choose shoes? General rules for everyone! To begin with, consider the general rules that will help in choosing shoes for men, women and children. We choose natural materials.
  • The natural materials from which the shoes are made allow the skin of the feet to breathe, and also do not interfere with natural heat exchange. In such shoes you will be warm, comfortable and comfortable. To natural – not only leather, but also more budgetary materials: suede, nubuck and textiles. Pay attention to the faithful soles.
  • The sole in the right shoes is soft enough and flexible, unlike cheap models, where it seems stone. We buy shoes in the evening. Choose shoes should not be in the morning, as many believe, but in the evening, because by evening, the legs are swelling and increasing in volume. Let the next morning the new shoes seem a little free to you – it’s better than a tight shoe that breaks the blood circulation and leads to the curvature of the foot. Be sure to try on both shoes.
  • Choosing shoes, many measure only one shoe, explaining this by saying that “the legs are the same.” This statement is incorrect, so when choosing shoes, be sure to try on both shoes and walk through the fitting room. If you feel a sock, but your fingers do not rest on it – it’s your size.

¬†How to choose a woman’s shoes?

All girls and women know that the right women’s shoes should be comfortable, and have a low and stable heel – a maximum of 5 cm. In the media and the Internet for several decades, orthopedists and traumatologists talk about the harmful effects of wearing high-heeled shoes: the formation of intervertebral hernia, pinching of the nerve, flat feet, osteochondrosis and many other diseases.

But, does it stop women on the way to beauty and attractiveness? Of course not! Therefore, we want to talk about how to choose shoes with high heels and how to wear it correctly? Sole. The sole in high-heeled shoes should not be smooth and slippery.


Good high-heeled shoes or a platform should be light. If the shoes are heavy, your gait will be similar to the steps of a heron, which, you must agree, is very unsexy.

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