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Today's date is Friday, April 1, 2011. More updates are coming soon...

Robert Key, Faithful Soles founder (pictured right) was the keynote speaker on Friday, January 15, 2010 at the Woodlands Fit pre-marathon and half-marathon dinner with about 125 runners, family members and friends in attendance. This dinner is part of the group's annual celebration leading up to the Chevron Houston Marathon, Aramco Half-Marathon and EP5K on Sunday, January 17, where a record 25,000+ runners participated in the 3 events. 2010 marks the 20th year that Robert has done motivational speaking to athletic groups, schools, businesses, churches and other clubs and organizations.

Watch Robert's speech on "Race Motivation and Preparation" that he gave to Houston Fit in the fall of 2007 during their training for the Houston Marathon and Half-Marathon. Houston Fit is the largest USAFit training group in the United States with more than 1,600 members enrolling for their training programs in 2009-2010 (be sure around the 12:30 mark to keep watching because there is a question and answer session after that point.

Please read the true story that inspired Robert to found Faithful Soles, The Greatest Marathoner, which he has shared with thousands of runners and non-runners in his writings and motivational speeches.

Meet Robert Key

Founder of

Faithful Soles

The mission of Faithful Soles is to inspire, motivate and encourage everyone from walkers to runners to multi-sport athletes of all ages and abilities.

Faithful Soles Blog Database (FSBD): As of March 1, 2010, the FSBD has bloggers from 41 states in the USA and 24 other countries around the world! Some of the best training and racing information for people of all ages and abilities is maintained by bloggers. The biggest problem is trying to find a blog that matches your specific interests and goals. Typically the "information" about the blog is simply a link to someone's name or a blog title, and you have to go to each link individually to read to see if it is about what you are interested in (or in many cases, to see if the blog even has anything to do with the subject of running at all). The FSBD is a categorized and searchable blog database, allowing members to instantly link to a blog that matches their specific goals and interests!

Faithful Soles is pleased to be honored to help author Brianna Grant in the announcement of her new book, "We Are Girls Who Love To Run". I have read it and thoroughly enjoyed it. This book has received tremendous acclaim from such notables as Deena Kastor (Olympic Medalist), Kristin Armstrong (Contributing Editor for Runner's World Magazine), and Jamie Allison (founder of Moms in Motion), to name a few. Please click on the book cover to go to the main web site and learn more!

Featured Story:

"Whether the Weather"


By Robert Key - Founder of Faithful Soles


Let's face it, no matter where we live, our weather can have extreme swings that can wreak havoc on our training schedules. It's how we weather those changes, and whether or not we decide to alter our schedules on those days (for better or worse), that can be very important factors in our success...


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"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go." - T.S. Eliot


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Featured Athletes:

Faithful Soles is proud to honor Bob and Dottie Key as our  newest "Featured Athletes".

This past year, Dottie was diagnosed with Myeloma, a blood cancer that presently has no cure, but can be treated and held in check with the proper medication. Dottie is extremely active and athletic, and had set plans to walk in the Flying Pig Half-Marathon in Cincinnati on May 4 as a member of Team-In-Training  to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma research. As her treatments progressed, she decided that she was going to be unable to walk the half-marathon. That's when her husband Bob (father of Faithful Soles founder, Robert Key) stepped in and took her place and did the walk for her.  Bob is no stranger to running, having completed a marathon and numerous other races and training runs of 10 miles or more. However, he had not been training for distance as of late, and with very little training under his belt and at the young age of 71, walked and jogged the half-marathon in a very respectable 3:35.


Dottie wrote "On May 4th, Bob walked in the Flying Pig 1/2 marathon. It was a glorious day in Cincinnati. He got up at 4:30 AM to join the other 300 Team-in-Training Members at the starting line. I got to sleep in until he called me and told me his location. I walked a mile from the hotel to the finish line and was there in plenty of time to scream and cheer as he came across the finish line. He finished the 13 miles in 3:35. That's a little over a 16 minute pace per mile.  As he met me at the gate with his purple Team-in-Training T-Shirt and ball cap he kissed me and took the medal off and placed it over my head.  It was an exciting time and a moment I will not forget.  We  promised that next year, God willing , we will do this race again together. Thank you all for your generous support.  I even received a check in the mail this morning.  I think that that will put me over $3,000 mark. Thank you so much for your donations to finding a cure for blood cancers.  The Southern Ohio Team- in-Training raised collectively over $500,000."

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